Puff Pastry



Ingredients, utensils an hands must be cold.

Sieve the flour into a bsain. Beat the egg.

Cut the butter into small dice and with the fingertips mix with the flour, but do not rub it in.

Add the beaten egg, water and lemon juice spoon by spoon, mix quickly and lightly until the dough leaves the sides of the basin. Turn onto a floured board and roll quickly all over into a oblong rolling with quick short pushing strokes away from you.

Fold the pastry in 3, top edge a third down, and bottom edge over the two thicknesses, making 3 thicknesses.

Turn the pastry round on the board, folded edges at the sides, and repeat the process of rolling. Repeat twice more, four times in all.

Put into a very cold place and leave for at least an hour before using.



(pasta sfoglia)